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Meet Our Characters

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Detective Mehul

The Hero of our universe! Fights crime and evil effortlessly, all while looking dapper and sharp

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She is Mehul’s assistant and companion! Perfect combination of intelligence and wit

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Yash is a one-man army against all ghosts, mummies, draculas and other evils! They better watch out

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The perfect blend of brain and brawn! Can beat off criminals and solve riddles within seconds! Kushal is the complete package

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Our Adventure girl! Bravery is her middle name and she’s always on top of her game

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Bhool bhulaiyaa

A brainy scientist who helps Detective Mehul in solving crimes and bring bad guys to justice

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Lab assistant Sanjana’s skills come in handy in each of Mehul’s activities! She is an valuable member of Detective Mehul’s team

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Riya’s partner and confederate in all her adventures! He is rightly named “BRAVO”

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The evil scientist who is obsessed with making the world fall apart! Wicked and sinful are 2 adjectives best suited for him

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Don’t let his short stature fool you! This flying magician assists Jagga and Dhamaka Singh in their evil endeavors

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Dhamaka singh

The crook of our universe! Always finding ways to cause a ruckus and escape prison

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Brilliant with his hands, Jagga is a thief who can steal anything under the sun